Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Favorite Pins of the Week

Hi friends,
     Here are some awesome pins!

1. I need duck boots!

2. I love leather shorts!

3. Definitely need more graphic tees

Monday, October 27, 2014

Quick Polka Dot Fix

Hi friends, 
     Here's a quick outfit post. Sorry there aren't pretty backgrounds in most of these school ones; I'm crunched for time. Better than no outfit post right?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My College Workout Routine

Hey friends,
     I'm only taking 4 classes this semester, so I only spend about 2 hours per day in class. That means I  have no excuse to avoid exercise (though, on many occasions I find those excuses). Ideally, I try to workout at the gym at least 3x a week. To not get bored I mix up what I do each day.
    I LOVE ZUMBA. My college's gym offers a 45 minute Zumba class every Tuesday, and I make an effort to be there. The time flies by, because it's really fun. Don't worry, you don't need rhythm. Everyone there looks silly, so it doesn't matter. Try it! If you are nervous to do it in front of people or don't have a gym membership, there are plenty of Zumba songs on YouTube.

     Another class I always try to make it to is yoga. The one my school offers is on Fridays and its  "Relaxation Yoga". It's a perfect way to get in a quick workout, while winding down from your week and easing into the weekend. Yoga is one of my favorite modes of exercise, so I was really happy when I found out my school offered it. If I can't do anything, I try to at least do a sun salutations.

     When I'm not doing a class, I usually use the arc trainer, elliptical, or bike. The arc trainer is my new favorite. I don't know why, but I find it less monotonous than the elliptical or bike. I definitely get bored easily working out, so often times, I'll bring flash cards to study on the bike. It gets me to focus on studying and it gets 2 tedious things out of the way in the same 30 minute session.

    I switch it up sometimes and try a boxing class or use free weights sometimes, but I mostly stick to Zumba, Yoga, and the arc trainer. I love having a gym on campus, because it's less than a 5 minute walk from my dorm. We'll see if I keep up my good exercise habits when it gets cold out...

Thanks for visiting! What do you do to stay active?
Sierra Rose

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Casual School Day

Hi friends,
     The weather can not decide what it wants to be! It's hot one day and cold the next, so my go to look has been layering a cardigan with a tank top or tee. This tank top is one of my favorites, and was given to me by one of my best friends. It says "You know nothing Jon Snow", which is a Game of Thrones quote, if you didn't know.
     College is keeping me busy, so I kept it casual with leggings (which I hardly EVER wear), a tank, a cardi, my backpack, and combat boots.

Friday, October 17, 2014

DIY Halloween: Costumes

Happy almost Halloween!!
     My roommates and I are going to host a Halloween party, so I thought I'd make a few Halloween posts. It's definitely my favorite holiday, and this is the first time I've ever had my own Halloween party. Since we're in college, we have no money so we've been scavenging our families' basements, dollar stores, and anywhere else we can find cheap Halloween-themed things. Luckily, one of my roommate's aunt owns a Halloween company and the other has a bunch of Halloween decorations, because of all her Halloween birthday parties. I'm so excited!!!


     Every year my roommate brings a large bin of female costumes for us to choose from. This year, I'm skipping the bin and going to try to make my own. My girlfriend and I are planning on being 50s greasers (pictures to come). In the mean time, keep reading for some cool DIY costume ideas I found!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bargain Halloween Accesories

Hi friends!
     I've been bargain hunting for my Halloween costume. Just got a belt for my 1950's greaser look at Good Will. On the subject of good deals, check out this sale going on at Charlotte Russe. $5 Halloween accessories?! Awesome!
1. Bear ears
2. Flapper head wrap
3. Bunny ears

      There are a bunch of tights, knee highs, and accessory sets, too. All these fun costume things makes me want to be like 20 different things for Halloween! Have you found any cheap items for your costume?
Thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose

Monday, October 13, 2014

My Neck is Cold!

Hi people,
     I intellectually understood that with short hair, my neck would be bare and therefore be cold. BUT DAMN MY NECK IS COLD! I don't think I was mentally prepared. In the wardrobe department, though, I'm very prepared. I've always loved scarves and have a bunch. My least favorite part was spending money on them (which I'm sure is everyone's least favorite part), but now I have a reason to buy more! I gotta stay warm, right?

Here are a few cool Etsy scarves that I'm in love with!

Find here

Find here

Find here

Thanks for visiting!
Sierra Rose

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Favorite Pins of the Week

Hi guys,
    Here's some more pins!

1. Shopping Chart

    My girlfriend just got a pair of these, and I think they're cool.

Just a quick post!
Thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose

Saturday, October 4, 2014

You'll Find Me in the Forest

Hi friends,
     I know, I'm wearing this skirt again, but I really like it! It was cold enough to wear my denim jacket, too, so that was exciting. Changing subjects, Ally took the pictures at the park near our school. I love it there, and I love Ally's nature pictures!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Icon Inspiration: Zooey Deschanel

Hi people,
     Zooey Deschanel is awesome. She's nice, funny, and a feminist (WOO FEMINISM). She's not afraid to be herself. From a style perspective, her signature bangs and vintage dresses are spot on. Gotta love her!