Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Favorite Activewear

Hi friends,
      I love gym clothes almost more than I love working out. When I am wearing a cool outfit, I'm more excited to get out and exercise! I usually go to Marshals, Forever 21, Old Navy, and Target for workout clothes. If you're interested, I can walk you through some of my workout staples.

     Old Navy is the newest store I've started shopping at for gym clothes (which is weird because I used to work there). Their activewear leggings are my new crush. I got two pairs a couple of months ago when they were on sale and fell in love and then another pair for Christmas. The ones I own are the ones in the photos above. I highly suggest you all check them out! Worth it.

     All my sports bras used to be the C9 ones by Champion from Target, but recently they changed the design, and I'm not a fan. I have a smaller chest, so the brand's new shape fits funny with extra space in the front (first image example- Target). I started buying the kind that are kinda like a bathing suit material (second-Target, third-Old Navy). Those are at Old Navy and Target. I have found the older style Champion ones at Marshals. On a side note, I have found the older style Champion ones at Marshals.

     I don't have many Forever 21 workout clothes, but they are pretty and good quality for the low price. I wouldn't mind having more from there.

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Sierra Rose


  1. I love sportswear, all the companies bringing out fashionable wear is great! :) Im hopefully off to london in a couple of weeks so I'll get to pop into forever 21
    inspiring images!

  2. Lovely sportswear, very pretty! <3

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  3. those old navy ones are surprisingly good. i have 2 sports bras from the store and they've been with me for years!!

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  4. Great selection!


  5. I love Marshalls and Athleta for sportswear! Need to pick up some new stuff tomorrow!

  6. Hi, I've nominated you for the Liebster award !

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  7. The 1. are my favs :-)
    have a nice day.


  8. I find H&M is pretty good for sports wear. The sports bra I got from there is one of my faves! Though I do still really like F21 for cute sports wear too :)

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  9. Inspiring post, workout outfit is also very important ;)

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