Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cool Photo Apps

Hey everyone,
     Since I don't have a lot of outfit posts ready yet, I thought I'd make one about photo editing apps. I'm totally obsessed with my new Iphone, and taking photos with it is probably the best part. I have a few apps I think are fun to tinker with, so I want to share!

1. PhotoMirror (free)
     This app reflects a photo.

2. PhotoCandy (paid for)
     This one is just for fun. You can put shapes and patterns over photos.

3. Aviary (free)
     Pretty good for basic photo editing needs, like removing blemishes or fixing lighting.

4. Fotor (free)
     So many filters!!

5. Layout (free)
     This is just Instagram's collage app. I like it the best out of all the other ones I've tried because it's a no-fuss kinda app, pretty simple.

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Sierra Rose

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  1. I use Fotor online it's great !