Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Current Obsession: Phone Cases

Hi friends,
      I thought I'd introduce a new segment called "My Current Obsession". Basically, I'll be doing features on things that I'm totally loving that week, or day, or month. It can be specific, like a new pair of shoes, or more general, like a color or a music genre. I think it'll be fun to make, so I hope you all enjoy reading it.

     For my inaugural post, I present PHONE CASES to you as my current obsession. I find myself always looking them up online and stopping at kiosks. I want to change cases like I change my shoes everyday! I don't have quite enough for that yet, but it has been fun browsing.

My first case (Verison store):

My current case (Tilly's):

Society6 has about 100 pages worth of phone cases! (It's the one that I featured on my tapestry post.)

They are about $35 each, a little pricey compared to my current case, which was about $3 on clearance. The art is too cool to pass up, though; don't be surprised if I have that alien one soon! 

Do you have a current obsession? Are you in love with your phone case or lusting after another? Share in the  comments!!

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Sierra Rose

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