Monday, January 16, 2017

Cruelty-Free Makeup and Spending Less Money

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     I'm here to tell you how buying cruelty-free products has started to actually save me money!

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     Buying cruelty-free has recently become more and more popular, but saving money has not been the prominent argument for choosing makeup that doesn't test on animals. I believe saving money can be a pretty convincing reason, though, bringing more people to the cruelty-free side. This is a new decision for me, and I encourage you to try it too!
     My makeup collection is certainly not completely cruelty-free, but I have started making that shift, and it's got me buying less impulsively!! Cruelty-free makeup can help you save money, because it makes you take a step back and think, "How was this made?" I don't mindlessly throw makeup into my cart anymore, because I'm making a small effort to buy more consciously. This step results in buying more products I really like and keeps more money in my wallet.
     As a vegetarian, animal rights are something I value highly, but it also makes choosing meals easier. Frankly, there are less readily-available meatless options around, so I go with the (only) option that is vegetarian. The same effect can happen with makeup. If you are struggling between which new peach palette to buy (or fighting the urge to buy all of them), choosing the palette that is cruelty-free makes the decision a lot easier.
     Even though the cruelty-free option can be more expensive, if you're ultimately buying less, you are going to be saving money. You will, also, have more products that you really like. Ideally, all makeup brands will eventually stop animal testing and choosing between competing products will become more difficult, but, for now, it makes it easier for us to spend less money. So if you have been thinking about transitioning to a cruelty-free makeup collection, you can add this to your "pros" list.

     If you want to go cruelty-free and don't know where to start, Google will be your best friend. I just searched for cruelty-free brands. Pinterest also had a lot of cool graphics to help out about finding cruelty-free stuff. There are even makeup YouTubers out there that only use cruelty-free and/or vegan products, which can help you find cool, new brands. 

This is the best list I have found about cruelty-free brands (includes vegan brands and parent companies):

Found here

     I'm not perfect and may slip up, but this effort will ultimately result in a makeup collection that I feel good about. Let me know your thoughts on cruelty-free makeup below!

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