Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Obsequies

Hi friends!
     Since summer is coming to a close, I thought titling this after the Emily Dickinson poem, "Summer Obsequies" would be appropriate. I had this casual, hippie boho thing going on today, walking around the garden acting like I have a green thumb, paying my respects to summer and getting ready to move into fall.

That was a stubborn fence door!

Top: Marshalls
Vest: Kohl's
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Famous Footwear

Again, these items are pretty old so I haven't found any matches online. Ally and I are having a fun time figuring out the best way to take pictures and finding cool spots. Thanks for giving us something to do! :]

Thanks for visiting, 
Sierra Rose


  1. ahhh you're soo cute! I love the outfit! Really girly and casual. I would probably pair the vest up with some skinnies and booties with a long sleeve fitted shirt!