Sunday, February 1, 2015

All the Young Punks

Hi friends,
     I'm trying out some things I hardly ever wear. Also, I'm trying out a new spot for my photos, in front of my closet. Don't worry, the basket is full of gym clothes, not dirty clothes. :P What do you think?
     P.S.) Happy 100th post!! 




    So I started making jewelry! I rarely wear rings, but all the sudden, I'm really into them. The large stone one, I wrapped myself. It's blue lace agate. I love the milky, moon-ish look it has. The snake used to be my mom's, and I definitely love it. Stay tuned for more jewelry I've made!
    The boots are new, a Christmas present. I was unsure about wearing the leather boots with the leather jacket, but I think it is working.
    The elephant bag is another thing I haven't worn a lot, but I should start using it more often. It's beautiful and a great size for carrying my phone and my keys.

Jacket, Shorts, Tights: Forever 21
Shirt: Marshal's
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Rings: Unknown, Hand-made

    On a completely different note, the picture quality got worse when I uploaded my photos. On my computer the pictures look fine, but then I uploaded them to blogger, and they looked a little different. I started uploading them to flickr first, and they look better now. Does anyone know any easier ways to improve the quality?

Thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose


  1. You are rocking this! I love the stripes, the florals, and the high socks. It's all perfect!


  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog

    Love the shorts, they look lovely.


  3. Love it. Very, Punk/Chic, and the leather shoes with the leather jacket are DEFINITELY working.

    Kartonia xx

  4. The boots and floral shorts look very awesome!

  5. you have the best legs in the world!!!

    Aine Oh

  6. Love your flower print short pants! Relaxed and chic.

    xxx from Tokyo

  7. Girrrrl, I love that ring! Great job on it, can't wait to see more of your jewelry!

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