Thursday, February 19, 2015

DIY Crayola Lipstick

Hi everyone,
     So this summer, I started wearing lipstick more often. I don't wear a lot of makeup, because my skin is really sensitive (pain in the butt). Anyway, I found a really cool DIY lipstick formula that doesn't irritate my skin, and it's SUPER EASY. You might have heard of it, because it's the one with the crayons and coconut oil.

     This is the video tutorial I liked the best. I liked this one, because her colors looked so pigmented. It still definitely involves experimenting with the portions, but that's the fun part. I couldn't get many of my ones to be as vibrant. Filling in your lips with lip liner first, and then putting the color over would make it stand out more.
    This recipe started my love affair with coconut oil. The coconut oil makes your lips super smooth and healthy. On Pinterest, there are a ton more things you can do with it, like make hair treatments or lip scrubs.

Here's one I made that came out very pigmented without any liner.
Sorry the picture is dark.
Let me know if you've done this before and how yours came out! 

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Sierra Rose


  1. Such a cool idea! Never would have thought of this. I've had a life long love affair with MAC lipsticks but lately I found they irritate my lips too, I think maybe I could give this a go and pinch some of my niece's crayons :D xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. I love this idea it's so much cheaper than buying lipsticks. Coconut oil is always a winner when it comes to beauty so I'm sure this is perfect for sensitive skin. Love this post!

  3. I've done something very similar to that but with a purple color. Love the way it looks!