Monday, November 10, 2014

Dress to Destress

Hi readers!
     There are a few ways I could do this post, so there might be a few variations of it posted, but for now I'll post about lounge wear. College can be so stressful!! Right now I'm at that point in the semester where I feel like exploding! This blog helps calm me down, so does shopping, going to the gym, and just lounging around. I thought I'd post some fun lounge wear, which I never had a real need for until college. Aerie is the top place that comes to mind for super cute and comfy lounge wear.

     Don't these soft, plushy clothing items just make you want to curl up and skip class all day? Haha. Just kidding...kinda. Stay tuned for some more possible "de-stressing" posts!
Thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose