Saturday, November 1, 2014

Quck Outfit Post

Hi guys,
     So I'll probably do a lot of these "Quick Outfit Posts" during my Fall semester. I have a lot to do and I want to keep posting, so I thought this could be a good solution. It can also give you all a better picture of what my day-to-day style looks like. I apologize for my ugly, stereotypical college dorm setting :p

     So I love this backpack. I bought it at Marshall's 3 years ago, and I take it everywhere at college. In high school I had never used a "real" backpack; I was always carrying a large purse or something, but omg it's so much nicer to have a real backpack! Everything fits no problem. I love the burnt orange color, too, because I hardly ever wear orange, so there's never too much of one color, and it's not a typical color, which I like because then no one else has it. Is that a lot of run-on sentences? oh, well. I just really like my backpack. I'm a dork.
Peplum top (faux leather details on the sleeve and bottom): Marshall's
Wine-colored cords: American Eagle
Shoes: Urban Og
Jacket: Target

Thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose

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