Friday, November 7, 2014

I Got New Tights!

Hi friends,
     I'm swamped with work, ugh, let's not talk about it. My week was made a little better when I went to my mailbox and saw that the tights I ordered (that said they wouldn't arrive until November 18th) were there! YAY! I got them on Amazon for under 6$, and they're my new favorite thing!

    The ones I bought are on the right. Tights are very delicate, so I hate to spend more than $10 on them, just in case they are going to rip. I like this brand, Adrian, because they don't have that weird bar across the thigh, unlike my regular tights which force me to hike them up real high when I wear shorts. I like the ones I bought because of thee line down the back, adds some vintage flare. This brand had a lot of fun patterns, and I'll probably buy more soon.

Keep an ye out for them in my future outfit posts!
Thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose

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  1. Yes!! so beautiful with backseams <3