Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bralettes and Bandeaus: A Summer Essential

Hi everyone,

It's so hot out!

     It's times like this where I wish we could revert back to caveman times and just chill in our Tarzan loincloths. But alas, this is not the excepted norm (at least where I live), and we can't spend everyday in a bikini on the beach. Fear not! Bralettes and bandeaus are a my favorite way to beat the summer heat in style. As light weight alternative to a bra, these could allow one to get away with not always wearing a camisole underneath a semi sheer shirt and are a cool (literally) summer approach to layering.

Bralettes that don't break the bank:

From Aerie, $19.99
Currently on sale, this bralette is my favorite one that I have come across. It has small cups, much like you'd find in a sports bra, which I like because it keeps it's bralette style while providing a little support. I own it in gray.

From Aerie, $14.99 
This is another on-sale Aerie bralette, but doesn't have cups. The ones without padding are usually cheaper. I love how the straps are thicker and lacy instead of looking like bra straps.

Aerie is definitely my go to store for bralettes, because they have so many styles and colors for a reasonable price.

Bargin Bandeaus:

From Aerie, $11.99
This is an Aerie bandeau. I prefer these lace ones over their "seamless" ones, because I think they look prettier.

From Forever 21, $4.99
From Forever 21, $3.80
These are a couple from Forever 21. I like that they are cheap and look more like "shirts", meaning their materials, textures, and patterns, as opposed to Aerie's bedroom approach to bandeaus. These examples aren't padded. I own two Forever 21 bandeaus have cups that are removable, but they look more like the Aerie one above. I bought them last year, so they may no longer be available. They'll be featured in future posts. 

Bandeau Pros: They come in a wide variety of styles and cost almost nothing.
Cons: There are no straps and usually don't have padded cups.  

Bralette Pros: They have straps and provide more coverage.
Cons: Depending on the style, some look more like bras, so instead of layering it may just look like your bra is showing. Also, some can be pretty sheer.

That's all I  got for now.
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  1. Thanks for these suggestions! It's so hot in California, and I definitely find myself looking for clothes that are breathable and lightweight. Now, if only I could manage to pull off wearing bralettes under my sheer tops at work...

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

    1. I used to live in California! I totally know the struggle haha