Saturday, August 30, 2014

4 Ways to Wear

Hi friends,
     I wanted to share some of the ways I wear a shirt with high-waisted bottoms. There are more detailed explanations of each style if you read on. :)

These "techniques" can be applied to bottoms that aren't high-waisted, too. For example, I'm short, so I do them with shirts that are too long on me. 

1. Tucked in All the Way
This one is pretty common. I like it but avoid it when the bottoms I am wearing are thin or tight, because I don't want the lumps of the shirt to show through. 
(Sorry if the font here is smaller. I've tried to fix it like 100 times. Whatever.)

2. Knot
I pull one end of my shirt out and then tie it on itself. This works better with longer shirts, because its easier to knot, and the knot will hold better.

3. Faux Bow
Take to parts of the shirt and tie it like you're starting to tie a shoe. It is stay if the shirt is long. If it's short, I usually hide a tiny safety pin in the knot part. 

4. Partly Tucked
This way is also self- explanatory. I like this look because it takes like zero effort and if it comes out you just tuck a piece back in real quick. Easy peasy.

Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: Target (close)

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Sierra Rose