Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Favorite Pins of the Week

Hi people,
     I am always on Pinterest, so I was thinking I'd share some of my favorite pins from this week. If it's a popular post, I might make it a weekly thing. I think it'll be fun! I'll have to think of a more creative title, though. Too bad there isn't a day of the week that starts with P, Pin Puesday...I'll keep working on it...

1. "5 Non-Boring Ways to Style a Pixie"
     My hair is getting long enough to do something like this. I cant wait to try!

2. "Spinach and Artichoke Wonderpot"
     As a vegetarian and an Italian, pasta is about 800% of my diet. :P Artichokes, spinach, and mushrooms are also my 3 favorite veggies! Yum!

3. "40 Fun DIY Photo Props"
     I was looking at these for future picture ideas. Don't be surprised if some show up in future posts!

      Such a cute picture, but you know she's freezing with that freezer door open!

     I love all crystals. They're so pretty and add an heir of mysticism to an outfit.

I had fun choosing pins. I think I'll do it again next week!
Thanks for visiting, 
Sierra Rose


  1. Great, thanks for sharing these!

  2. Diggin' that crystal necklace! Does the stone have any healing powers? xo


    1. I'm not sure what type of crystal this is, but usually they do :]

  3. Loved the outfit idea pin :)

  4. I made a bunch of superhero masks for my wedding back in May :) I recommend a photo booth for any good party!

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