Friday, August 1, 2014

Kimono You Didn't!

(Get it? Oh, no you didn't...Kimono you...never mind)

Hi friends,
     Do you like my silly pun? I'm not a big fan of puns, but I like using them for fun titles. Anyway, I'm still working out camera stuff, but here's what I wore today.

    Kimonos are a great way to add layers to an outfit on a hot day. I love winter and fall fashion because of the options through mixing and matching. When it's hot, i just wanna put on a tank top and exercise shorts and be done. Kimonos, however, are a lightweight way to keep my summer wardrobe interesting. One plus about summer weather is cute sandals! I love my gold owl ones!!

Tank top: Forever 21 (close)
Shorts: Target (close)
Kimono: Marshalls (close)
Sandals: Amazon

Thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose

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