Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dress up!

Hi friends,
     I was going through all my stuff deciding what to bring and what not to bring to college...aka I played dress up. Here's a dressy simple look. I didn't have anywhere to go, but I wish I could wear these shoes more often. They're a little too much to wear on errands, and they aren't going in my college suitcase.

      I was also trying to use a new camera my aunt was going to give away. It's just a Nikon Coolpix, but it's better that what I have supposedly. I think the cameras I used got confused from my dress pattern, because my face is blurry. Oh, I'm afraid cameras will always be a mystery to me.

I got these a few years ago. They were only like $20!

My eyes were closed, hehe, no face for you.


Grr, my foot got cut off. Mona's napping.

Dress: Marshalls
Shoes: Urban Og (close)

Thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose

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