Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cool nails for CHEAP

Hey guys,
     When I say cheap, I'm talking $1. Yes, only a dollar for some badass nails. One of my best friends works at dollar tree, and I never paid it much attention until I started visiting her. There's some good stuff there!

Nail Jewels

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     My favorite discovery has been their nail section. They have falsies, nail decals, polish, etc for only a dollar! I bought Maybelline's Color Show Nail Falsies, because I figured why not. I hate ruining my nails with acrylics and I don't have the money for it anyway. This package came with 24 nails and a bunch of adhesive pieces (they kinda remind me of the sticky, rubber stuff that sticks a gift card to the cardboard paper). The adhesive worked pretty well surprisingly.

This picture's from Ebay, but you get the idea.

    At most they'll last probably 5 days, as long as you don't really do a lot haha. For me, they lasted 2 days, but that includes trips to the gym, showers, and cleaning my house. I had to replace the sticky part for 2 nails, because they fell off. That was more my fault than the brand's, because I kept pulling those ones off to reposition them.
     The ones I bought were white with reflective tips so it was hard to get a good picture with my webcam, because the reflective part kept shining and messing up the picture. I tried. I like these ones, because they were painted black underneath.

    I think these nails would be perfect for an event. If you want you nails to look hot at prom or a party or anywhere like that, they'd definitely last and are way less hassle than paying for a salon trip. I will definitely be buying some more of these in the future.
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Sierra Rose


  1. I can't believe you can get that at the dollar tree. Amazing!

    1. Right!? I was surprised but excited that they worked