Sunday, August 3, 2014

Icon Inspiration: Liz Taylor

Hi beautifuls,
     I've been obsessed with Liz Taylor since I saw her in Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf. Talk about passion! She is fiery, talented, and a total babe! Her attitude and style scream confidence. You are hot, it's ok to own it!

     First, I love her voluminous waves. Try getting a similar effect by setting your curls (pinning them up until they are cool). It will help hold the volume and the curl through out the day. My hair's not as thick as hers, but I think it works. #liztaylorselfie :p

Look at her eyebrows! Thick eyebrows are totally in right now, so if you're looking for eyebrow inspiration, look no further.

Liz Taylor was all about the jewels on and off screen. Her memorable jewelry let everyone know she was not going to be ignored. (BTW that engagement ring is over 33 carats!!)

    Elizabeth Taylor was dripping with diamonds and confidence. Strong eyebrows, piercing purple eyes, big bold jewels, nothing about her was quiet. She reminds us to be proud of being a woman and not to be afraid to be seen or heard. You are important, beautiful, smart, and deserve all the attention you want!

Photos are compliments of Pinterest.
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