Friday, August 1, 2014

Bloglovin' Pros and Cons

Hi bloggers and blog readers,
     I wanted to make this post, because I've noticed a lot of contrasting opinions regarding, some love it and some don't. First off, this isn't a sponsored post or anything like that. (I'm not that popular...or am I?) Bloglovin' has a lot of positive attributes. It got my blog out there, and it gave me an easy way to follow other blogs I like. I'm grateful for this; it's awesome. If I didn't have a blog, I doubt I'd find anything wrong with it.
     The problem I have with the site is the "bloglovin' frame". As far as I can tell, when one visits a blog page/post with the frame, it credits the page view to bloglovin' instead of the blog owner . This means that when someone looks at my page with the frame enabled, I don't see the page view (I've read other blogs that say it does this and tested it myself). Your views are very important to me, and I greatly appreciate anyone who looks at my blog. I want to know when you guys are visiting. The reason I said "or am I" is because I could be getting 100 bloglovin' views a day and not know it. Granted this is a gross exaggeration, I don't really believe my views are that high, but I would like to know for sure how many views I am getting, whether they be 100 a day or 1 a day.
     Basically, if you are visiting my blog through bloglovin', I would greatly appreciate if you disable the frame, so that I can see your visit in my page views. There is an X box to click when you are on the page and an option to disable it completely in your settings. If you are strongly in favor of using the frame (it can be convenient), that is ok, but perhaps you wouldn't mind "hearting" the post you like or leaving a comment.
      I want to know you are here. It makes me happy. Ultimately, it is you're decision; feel free to keep the frame or not. I just wanted my preference out there, because if I wasn't a blogger, I wouldn't have realized this was how the site worked. Thank you for reading my blog; I appreciate ever last view and viewer! You are all super wonderful people!
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Again, thanks for visiting,
Sierra Rose


  1. Hi Sierra, I also noticed that Bloglovin' feature... I agree that it is not good for the blogger in terms of visits analysis but at the same time Bloglovin' provides an opportunity to get in touch with bloggers that you might not know about otherwise. Personally, I check profiles of the bloggers that I live on Bloglovin' and then -- if I like the blog a lot -- sign up for blog's updates by email, Google Friend Connect etc. In other words, I make sure to follow my favorite bloggers not only through Bloglovin' but also through other social media platforms and tools.

    1. I totally agree. The frame for me is the only downside I can find; there are a lot of positives. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I'm glad someone read this post, I was scared people would just scan over it because it looks long and boring. :]